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E-liquid Strength

TNT Pure Vapors has put together a chart to compare the frequency of your smoking habit and the strength of which you preferred your traditional analog cigarettes.

ZERO- Known as “Hookah Juice” has no nicotine whatsoever and it is for the consumer who has no urge to satisfy any nicotine craving. A person who uses zero nicotine mainly enjoys the taste or “act” of vaping and/or is trying to completely get rid of the addiction of nicotine cravings.

6 MG– This level is sufficient for Very light or “social smokers”, less than a half a pack a day of to try light cigarettes. People that only smoke after a meal or when they drink coffee, generally non-smokers for the bulk of

12 MG-This level is most frequently used by moderate smokers. People that smoke 10-15 Light cigarettes or 7-12 Full Flavored Cigarettes per day. This level of nicotine is very popular.

18 MG– This is also a very often used nicotine level. It is slightly higher than your average nicotine cravings. Many people who use 18 MG are satisfied with the results of diminished cravings of nicotine. This level is often used by people that smoke a 15-20 Light cigarettes or 17-25 Full flavored cigarettes per day.

24 MG– People who choose this nicotine level, often have nicotine cravings for the most part of the day. People who have been smoking light to full flavored cigarettes for many years and consume 20-30 cigarettes per day would prefer this level of nicotine.

28 MG– This is the Highest Level of Nicotine that our company will suggest or offer to our customers. Most people do not prefer a nicotine level this high. This level of nicotine is for a heavy smoker that smokes 1-2 packs per day.

Anyone can quit smoking when joining the vaping community! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email us. We will respond to your inquiry immediately. TNT Pure Vapors will always be here to help you through this journey!


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